How to Relax after Work

In the modern life, people have been living under a lot of difficulties and stresses coming from many sources such as environment, relationships, media, especially work. Therefore, if you don’t know how to control or remove stresses, it is very dangerous. Many regretful consequences have been caused by pressure from work including depression, heart and brain diseases, psychological impacts, even suicide.
This article provides simple and useful methods for people who want to eliminate pressure to have a better and healthier life. These suggestions can be divided into two groups including introverts and extroverts, as follows:

1. Introverts:

People who are introverted tend to like to stay at home and enjoy their alone time after a stressful working day. Try following tips to remove all stresses and pressure out of your mind:

Change into comfortable clothes

To leave work at the office, the first step for you to do is changing your uniform or stiff clothes into comfortable ones.

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Tips to live longer and healthier

Everybody including the rich and the poor cannot deny that they want to live as much long as they can. But with the modern life, this wish seems to be a challenge. So, how to limit diseases and keep longevity, following tips will guide you in the right way:

I. Health

1. Don’t smoke and drink alcohol too much.

Perhaps, effects and consequences of smoking and alcohol are completely visible. After giving up smoking, you will see lots of good changes such as blood pressure, carbon monoxide and oxygen returns normal; heart disease drops; and many other benefits. Hence, it should be the first bulleted step you must take action right now. Similarly, too much drinking is one of the causes of reduction in life expectancy. Actually, drinking is not bad, but immoderate drinking is another story. Although, a small quantity of alcohol every day might be still good for you, this matter still leads to high risk of diseases, so drinkers should control by themselves.

2. Eat healthily and wisely.

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How to Refresh Your Body the Healthy Way

You feel tired and bored due to too many stresses and pressure from work? You want to change and refresh your body to have energy and health to face to coming difficulties? But you do not know where to start and how to do?

Among “a mountain of information and methods” on the internet, it is not easy for you to choose the right way to follow. In this article, we share you the healthy ways divided into three fields including Nutrition – Physical – Spirit to refresh your body.

  1. Nutrition

– Drink plenty of pure water: Do you know how to drink water properly? About 70% of human body is water, so providing enough pure water for the body is very important. Averagely, the human body needs from 1.5 – 2l of water each day. You are advised to divide into many times all day and do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. Besides, you shouldn’t consume water re-boil water again and again or before go to bed.

How to Refresh Your Body the Healthy Way

– Adjust daily meals: Meals play a very important role in providing nutrition and energy for the body, but it will be counter-productive if you don’t know how to eat abstemiously and properly. Remember never skip three main meals, especially breakfast; increase vegetable and fish; remove some pieces of meat out of your dish, etc.

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